Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mum & Dad Russia/Ukraine Visit

At long last I had the chance to welcome both Mum & Dad to Russia & the Ukraine. Mum came to visit last year, but Dad’s only Russian experience was a day trip to Leningrad while training for the 1980 Olympics, and things have changed a little since then!

We had a packed itinerary for their 10 days in the region. We hit the Golden Ring, toured Moscow, then St Pete’s, and Kiev. With sightseeing all day, and having them meet an interminable string of my friends and nightlife by night, I think they were glad to return to the peace & quiet of their yacht!

It was great to have them here, and while I’m confident they’re still not sure why I live here, at least they have a better appreciation for some of the highlights (& lowlights) of the region.

I have plenty of photos from St Petes and Kiev from previous visits.

See Worldguide updates for St Petes & Kiev.

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