Friday, August 08, 2008

Kazakhstan: Almaty in August- Don’t Do It

Having made a previous visit to lively and leafy Almaty (see previous post & photos here), I was excited to head there with James on the last leg of our Central Asian travels.

Unfortunately, the timing of our visit meant that all my friends were out of town, most of the top restaurants and clubs were closed for Summer, it was damn hot, and there was no hot water (see my Moscow commentary on this phenomenon). Additionally, we were beset with usual logistics issues trying to confirm our flight’s back to Moscow.

Not all was bad, however, we still managed to have fun. Katya and Joel were wonderful and lent me their apartment (again), so we were superbly located for sightseeing and eating & drinking.

After another couple of months on the road, I’m excited to head home to Moscow for a couple of weeks before I hit the road again!

No photos from this visit, but see my previous post for Kazakhstan pictures!

Worldguide is here.

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