Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cam's Worldguide

Avid readers of my blog may have noticed a new link called "Worldguide". I've created it as a (hopefully helpful) response to the many questions I receive about the places I've visited, for recommendations of hotels, guides, bars, nightclubs, etc, especially for out-of-the-way places.

As I travel the world, places that I find that are particularly noteworthy and/or unlikely to be easily identified through other means will be included in my Worldguide, so friends and future travellers can hopefully have easier and more entertaining travels!

A word of caution: I'm NOT Lonely Planet, so these will only be updated when I'm visiting a city again. Therefore please note the dates of my entries and don't be surprised if a particular place has closed, or is no longer what it was. However, if you find this is the case or have something to add, please post a comment on the entry to help others!

Happy travels!


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