Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cam's Law of D&G

After monitoring the frequency with which large and tacky "D&G" or "Dolce & Gabbana" logo's pop up on clothing and in local markets in the various countries in which I've travelled recently, I believe sufficient evidence exists to justify "Cam's Law of D&G".

I believe a strong correlation exists between the prevalence and size of D&G logo's and the average income of that city. In fact, I'd venture to say there is a direct inversely proportional relationship between the two factors.

Let's brush off my rusty MBA skills and apply some rigorous scientific methodology to my new theory. On the chart below I've applied (an admittedly subjective) level of D&G visibility against a country's GDP at PPP (2007).

At first glance, while a relationship appears to exist, those statisticians amongst you will notice a poor correlation (R-square of only 0.31) amongst these observations.

However, when we drop Ouagadougou and Sydney, where apparently the local people don't understand the value of a prominently placed D&G logo, the R-square jumps to a whopping 0.77,virtual proof of Cam's Law of D&G!
While this brings up interesting questions of income vs. fashion taste, and the likely causal relationship of greater income leading to a reduced desire for D&G, I'm curious to see whether depriving the worthy citizens of Kiev of their D&G-embossed accoutrements will automatically lead to greater wealth.

Stay tuned for more experimental results and observations.

Sources: Cam's head, World Bank.

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Felix said...

Cam! This is awesome! GO D&G!