Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Office Fire (from April)

Since this is a new blog, I figured I'd backfill a few interesting stories from recent history, especially those which illustrate the day-to-day randomness of life in the fascinating town of Moscow...

Most of the time in Moscow, the fabulous people, restaurants, nightlife, and metro can lull you into feeling that Moscow is just another large Western city- think New York, London, Paris (actually, the Moscow Metro is far better than any of these cities combined!)... However, one is frequently and rudely awakened to the fact that you are in fact living in an emerging market with special rules all of it's own. Recent examples include almost being run down by a mercedes with a blue flashing light on the wrong side of the road (sidewalk, actually), being in a nightclub cleared by tear gas, and in early April, having our brand new office building catch on fire.

Thankfully all tenants are safe, our company offices were undamaged and "luckily", the sprinklers failed and our offices aren't damaged by water. We're hoping to reoccupy shortly.

Photos are online here.

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