Monday, May 21, 2007

Heliskiing in Greenland

This time last year, I was in the Artic with a group of intrepid skiers determining whether Western Greenland was sufficiently skiable to set up a heliski operation. Even today, this is one of my favorite trips with some of the most amazing scenery I've ever seen.

A group of ten skiers and our three awesome guides were based out of a tiny whaling village on an island off the coast in a region that gets maybe 50 tourists a year, from where we flew every day to the nearby mountains to ski from spectacular peaks down to gorgeous glacier-covered fjords. We also skied a number of "first descents" (slopes & mountains that had never been skied before) which was a particular rush!

We stayed with local Inuit (Eskimo) families and ate meals of whale, reindeer, musk ox, and other local delicacies, which were interesting (if not habit-forming) meals, accompanied by a fabulous wine stash that one of our enterprising team members managed to have flown in.

Greenland was everything that I could have imagined. We had a week of epic heliskiing and enough memories (and photos!) to last a lifetime.

I'm currently discussing a trip for the 2008 Heli season to either Kamchatka (Far Eastern Siberia), the Caucasus (Southern Russia), or Kashmiri Himalaya (Northern India), so anyone who's a keen skier, shoot me an email if you are interesting in coming along!

Photos from the trip are here.

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