Monday, October 08, 2007

September Musings

OK, so it's October already and I somehow managed to get through all through September without posting. I'm blaming my work/travel/party schedule, but the reality is, without new & exciting photos, I don't tend to write as much.

September kicked off with a bang with an old Aussie mate of mine Adam in town for a weekend. Once again, we learned why taking a camera out at night in Moscow is a really bad (although entertaining) idea.

The following weekend a close college friend of mine was married in Denmark, so I enjoyed a comparatively civilised weekend in Copenhagen which was delightful and once-again rekindled my longstanding love affaire with Scandinavia, although disappointingly managed to not end up swimming in the canals...

The next couple of weeks were a blur of work, as several new deals kept me trapped in the office before I managed to escape for 3 days to NY to renew my Russian visa. Upon arrival, I was told the Russian government wouldn't let me back in the country for a week, keeping me prisoner in NY for a few more days (as you can imagine I was really upset). Apart from the constant work interruptions, the joys of seeing close friends, NY's incredible restaurant scene, and some new clothes to prepare for another Moscow winter kepy me busy.

After another week in Moscow, it was time to head to Munich to meet a close friend of mine for Oktoberfest, but that's the topic of my next post...

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