Monday, June 25, 2007

Heliskiing 2008- Kamchatka, Russia

Planning has commenced for the first heliskiing trip of 2008. 11-20 April, 2008, in Kamchatka, Russia.

The Kamchatka peninsula is a spectacular region, geologically active, dotted with enormous skiable volcanos (some active) as well as hot springs to relax the muscles after (or during) skiing, it's a beautiful wilderness area in one of the wildest and most remote regions in the world. It's also a great place for salmon fishing, if you're into that sort of thing. Kamchatka is blessed (for skiing purposes anyhow) to be located where dry, cold Arctic winds meet the moist air of the Pacific, generating the conditions for a LOT of deep, dry powder!

One of the awesome guides from my last trip in Greenland goes there every year, so he knows the region well and has a lot of experience in the area.

This is an amazing opportunity to ski an incredible part of the world with exceptional guides and a great group, so please email me if you're interested in joining!

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